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End of Tour Blog.

April 20, 2012

We didn’t write this…go read this…

It perfectly sums up how we feel at the end of tour…so why write it ourselves when someone else has done it so beautifully?

We loved seeing each and every one of you out on the road over the past few months. Thanks for the hugs, waves, cheers, cards, gifts, pictures….and for all of your support in everything we do.

Much love.


New Song on April 17th, 2012–“Heart of Stone”

April 17, 2012

Follow Up to Blogging From The Sky

April 14, 2012

So after our neat-o blogging while flying experience, we landed in Seattle. Here are a couple shots I took from the plane as we were landing…

Upon landing, Miles had some problems….

We spent the night in Seattle & the next morning drove to Wenatchee, WA. Driving during the day was GORGEOUS!!! These were some pics that were snapped through the side of the bus window…except for the first one…I opened my maps app to see where in the world we were…I do that from time to time cause sometimes I lose track.

40,000 Feet

April 12, 2012

Airlines are getting so sophisticated these days. Well that’s a lie. But this whole internet while in the air…that’s pretty rad. Right now I am in a middle seat in an exit row on an Alaska Air flight. Not much to report except that the extra legroom in the exit row is totally awesome.

Currently listening to M83’s song “Wait.”

I am so having a Judy Jetson moment. I just took that pic on my computer. On an airplane. At 40,000 feet. Which I will now post on the INTERNET people. This is crazy.

Gonna post this now. Blogging in real time. I guess that’s called tweeting. Whatever. Oh I see a beverage cart coming…let day drinking commence.

Maybe I’ll give y’all an update on my exciting flight in a bit.



April 2, 2012

These always help while songwriting 🙂