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Here and There….

May 29, 2012

Hi friends…

So, since getting off of the STRONGER tour in mid-April, we’ve been here & there & everywhere it seems. So let’s get caught up on the fun things that have been going on…since bullet points are so fun we thought we’d bust some out:

  • In Florida (where Kate wore her happy shirt…you can read about that here) we did a few songs with David Foster & Kelly. Also performing were Seal, Keith Urban, Ruben Studdard…so needless to say we were pretty excited cause j&k love us some Keith. Anywho…we did the show and for the last song all the celeb performers were singing a song together…and David invited us girls to come out and join them in singing “All You Need Is Love”…so we did…and for a brief moment our little fantasy of a j&k & Keith duet flashed before our eyes.

I like to think that Keith & I (kate) shared a moment in this pic 🙂 Hahaaaa….

  • After Florida Jill headed back to Nash & I headed to LA with Kelly to do some personal assisting stuff…while in LA I got to see Coldplay at the Hollywood Bowl…we all know my insane mad love for Coldplay & the show was incredible. The Hollywood Bowl is such a magical venue & the energy that Coldplay puts into a show is ridiculous. Seriously. Loved every second of that show. Everyone upon entering got these wrist bands with LED lights and during certain songs they would synchronize with their lighting & light up….it was SO cool. Fun times.

Before heading to Florida we enjoyed a little downtime in the studio in Nashville finishing up our album….which we will be releasing info about in the very, very near future…and we are so excited about it…we cannot wait to share it with you guys. Listening to first mixes of songs we constantly think about you guys and hope that you’ll like it. Seriously…some of you we mention even by name…knowing that it’s a favorite…hoping that you’ll like what we’ve done with it. So thank you for inspiring us to make music & being involved & supportive. We love you guys.

Driving around Nashville listening to mixes…

Lots of love….


New Song On May 17, 2012

May 18, 2012

A Happy Shirt

May 7, 2012

So the other day I wore this t-shirt. I had actually never worn this shirt before…I had bought it on tour but never wore it for some reason. So this was its maiden voyage. We were flying to Orlando & from the moment that I walked into the airport people started telling me that they liked my shirt. Like, everyone.

Now, you have to realize. Fashion isn’t exactly my strong point. I love clothes & colors but rarely spend much time plotting or planning what I will wear…so all of this extra attention was a little baffling. The woman sitting behind me, the TSA agent…as I walked by people you could see them trying to read every word. It was really funny.

First I tried to take this pic in the mirror…apparently I’m not the brightest crayon in the box cause you couldn’t read it…hahaha…so I tried taking one myself…tricky.

When I landed in Orlando I walked past one of the “airport greeters”…you know the precious older people that volunteer at the airport in their spare time. Precious. Anyway…I walked past her and she stopped me and said that she sings that song to her grandkids…then she actually sang me the song!! It was maybe the cutest thing I’ve seen & heard…ever.

So there you have it…I had no idea a shirt could be such a conversation starter. It’s now been deemed my happy shirt. Do you have a happy shirt?

I know we’ve been kinda MIA on the blogging…we’ve been busy and enjoying time with friends & family since being off the road…you know…taking a wee bit of down time 🙂 But, we have lots of blogging to catch you guys up on…like the time we got to sing with Keith Urban & Seal, or the epic Coldplay show at the Hollywood Bowl or the fact that our ALBUM is in the final stages of being mixed & mastered. WHAT WHAT!!!!

So many exciting things coming up. Stay tuned.

Hugs. Love. And a sugar rush.