Let’s Be Friends

So if you made it here, you probably follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our blog or something! But we have other stuff going on in the wonderful land of the world wide web too, so if you don’t follow us in these places, come on and let’s be friends!

JillandKate Pinterest

Jill Pinterest

Kate Pinterest



YouTube (we are in the process of re-uploading lost videos so subscribe to our channel for new and old material on its way!)

Also follow us on your Instagram app @ jillandkate

So many places to be friends!

Have a great day 🙂


9 Responses to “Let’s Be Friends”

  1. Britt Van de Casteele Says:

    Been a proud follower of all 😉

  2. Selena Says:

    Thanks for the invite, pals. I just thought you should know, as a personal preference, I don’t have an account on most of those sites, but on a smaller scale, used them all. So, if I’m not directly subscribing to yours, that should in no way indicate a rejection of the friendship! 😉 This fan still likes to check out stuff you share!

  3. Alessandra Says:

    Awesome !!

  4. Noof Says:

    Hi girls 🙂

    let’s be friend am following u on twitter @bon3ta_

    my name is Noof i’m from Saudi Arabia

    loooooove u .say hi to kelly for me plz

  5. Amanda Says:

    Does this mean you’re going to follow us on twitter, instagram, etc?

  6. Jasmine (@jasmo16) Says:

    Whew! How do you keep up with them all? I’m always cheating on one for the other…I think, right now i’m dating Instagram and we are having fun… But still married to Facebook. As for Twitter…(sigh) well, we are on the rocks… I’m trying! Oh Pinterest, i’m sorry it was all my fault. Maybe we can work things out…You’re alot of fun and i miss you.

  7. Alison Says:

    Done! Let the stalking commence!!

  8. Miriam Says:

    Well, only ’cause y’all said so. Otherwise, I’d feel like total creeper status. But yay. Pinterest and I have been on a break, but I need new inspirations so…yay. 🙂

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