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30 to 30.

November 19, 2012

Hi there…

Kate here. And well, guys…I have 28 days until I’m 30. People tend to freak out about this age marker but I am welcoming it with open arms. Bring it on. 30 seems like just loads of fun so I am ready.

I really want to remember this time in life. Sometimes I feel like I’m not remembering enough. I often say I only remember my life through pictures. Maybe that’s why I love pictures and photography so much. As I was thinking about  this the other day I wondered if I couldn’t remember things because I’m always looking down fumbling in my pocket or purse looking for my phone or camera to document that moment, or place. Isn’t that just a smack dab catch 22 in my face? If I just put the cameras down and just looked around would I remember more?

So the other day my dear sister called me and said that I had one month until my 30th birthday. I got thinking…30 days…hmmm…how would I remember these days? 30 to 30. I came up with this idea to do 30 new things until I’m 30. One new thing everyday. It doesn’t have to be mind blowing or ridiculously awesome. It just has to be new. So far, I’ve done 2 things.

1. Had a bonfire in a parking lot with friends. It was a beautiful night in Tennessee and a group of us made the best of it. It was I couldn’t feel my toes chilly but the stars were bright and we had s’mores. Not just any old s’mores but a normal s’more with BROWNIE in the middle too. I cannot claim this idea…it was Ali from The Better Together Tour…she came up with this genius twist on an old favorite treat. Let me tell was SO GOOD. Enough said. I’ve been to plenty of bonfires but this was the very first one in a parking lot. 1 down. 29 to go.

2. Bought space bags & used them.

Have you guys seen the infomercials too? The ones where the lady looks so happy just sucking the air right out of those bags with her vacuum?? I’ve always seen them and really wanted to try them. So, today was that day. It was like magic. I was trying to organize my linen closet. It’s a tiny space and I like to keep extra blankets/pillows/sheets for house guests to use…so it often times looks messy and jam-packed and I have a hard time getting anything in or out of it. So, space bags to the rescue. It took a good portion of an hour and my back kinda hurts from all the stuffing of giant pillows and blankets into these bags. I had a revelation while I was dealing with these today. There was one blanket that was especially difficult. It was big, bulky and just a pain in my tooshie. So, I put it in one bag with some other blankets and hoped it would magically not become all of the above-mentioned things. I wanted this “difficult” thing to be less difficult and disappear within the other blankets. Guess what? It was still a pain in my butt even in the nifty space bag. I sat there thinking…ohhhhh okayyyyy…I get it. Sometimes you think if you just shove the difficult things with other things or push them under the other blankets they will magically not be difficult anymore. I was wrong. This big bulky pain in my butt blanket I had to take out, re-fold, and try out about 3 different bags before I found one that fit. And it had to be all alone in a bag. That’s how big it was. Anyway–I came to the conclusion that the only way to deal with difficult things is by facing them head on. They might take extra time and finagling. You might have to try 3 different situations to make it work. Ugh…Space Bags…who knew you would teach me things?? I did not. Anyway…here are a couple pics…

(Here are all my space bags lined up & saving space in my closet)

Are you trying anything new? I’d love to read about it…so feel free to share in the comment section 🙂 Happy trails at whatever age you are at.


New Song on November 17th 2012

November 18, 2012


Oh why, Oh why now

Oh why, Oh why now

I woke up this morning
My heart ready to crack
All the wishing I did
Can’t make time go back

Your time was too short
You took all my love
Now you’re going away
You’re going away

Oh why, Oh why now
Oh why, Oh why now

(c) j. pickering, k. rapier, 2012.

Better Together Tour

November 8, 2012

We are super excited to be able to share with you this awesome tour our good friend Todd is doing. You might be familiar with Todd because he is the one that does all of our pics & has been a friend of ours since college. He is one of the best people we know & we always know that anything he puts his time into is going to be great. It’s called The Better Together Tour. Basically for the last few weeks, and several more to come, they are traveling around in a super freaking cute RV (named Ernie) capturing in photos and videos the amazing work people are doing around the country. Normal people just doing something to help better their communities and the people around them. For instance, they met and filmed an organization based in Salt Lake City that builds wheelchair ramps for families who can’t afford them. They go around all over the state building these ramps free of charge! You can watch a video the BTT (better together tour…see what we did there?) did about this awesome organization by clicking HERE.

So here’s the super fun part…they made these awesome t-shirts to help support their cause…how cute are they?

Pretty darn cute.

Oh that’s right…here is your very own j&k sporting our very own BTT shirts….LOVE THESE!

And they want to give YOU one for free. If you like our post on FB about this and then go like their FB page before Sunday (11/11/12) you will automatically be entered. They will pick 2 random winners and if you’re one of the lucky 2 you can get a free awesome t-shirt! Or you can buy one too…all the proceeds go to helping fund their tour.

So, here’s the breakdown to enter:

Step 1. Go to our FB page and like our post “Better Together Tour”.

Step 2. Go like the Better Together Tour FB page before Sunday (11/11/12)

Step 3. Done.

So, isn’t that awesome? Yes, yes it is. You can also bookmark their website & their Facebook page & last but not least…their twitter  oh shoot we lied…you DEFINITELY want to follow them on Instagram too cause they have some insanely cool photos they share :

Spread the word folks…you can be a part of their awesome journey. We love that they are highlighting people doing uncommon good in our communities all around the country. It should encourage us all to help, love, support people….because after all…we are all in this together….Be Better Together.

Much love-


Things I’ve Done

November 2, 2012

So, getting off the road and settled back in to one’s home is seriously the best feeling ever. Everyone’s detox from road life is different I’m sure. At times I’ve gotten home and unpacked, done laundry all in a span of a few hours. Other times I’ve gotten home and gone straight to the refrigerator and cleaned it out. Something about throwing out expired items, wiping all the surfaces, changing the little Brita water filter thingie–it can be very therapeutic. And sometimes (which is what I did this time) I dump my stuff in my house and turn right back around and hop in the car to go see my friends that I’ve missed so much.

One time I got back and was in my kitchen when Jill asked me to hand her a plate. I was standing right in the middle and went to reach in a cabinet and paused…I could not remember for the life of me which cabinet I stored the plates in. I immediately burst into tears. Re-adjusting from road life can be tough. Don’t get me wrong…I realize this is a champagne problem…no lives lost, no major problem…I’m just sharing a somewhat funny story of adjusting 🙂

So here are some things I’ve done since returning home:

  • Watched the entire first season of Pretty Little Liars. That’s right. I watched ’em all. And let’s just say if they don’t find out who that pesky little “-A” character is I’m gonna lose it.  Already started season 2…don’t judge and don’t you dare tell me what happens. I mean it! 🙂
  • Cooked almost every single meal in my house. Why you ask? Well, cause on the road you generally have a zero percent chance of a home cooked meal…unless you count a peanut butter & jelly sandwich in a dressing room. Just having choices and the control to cook your eggs exactly how you like them is pretty much heaven.
  • Called my mom…a lot. I think cause we were out of the country for the last month of tour and phone calls are pricey…I feel the liberty to call my family members just to say hi…or to ask a silly question…plus being in the same-ish time zone as my family is also rad. No need to count on my fingers how many hours ahead or behind…just boom…calling.
  • Turned my AC off and my heater to ON. It’s getting a wee bit chilly outside and I like it.
  • Saw David Ramirez LIVE in Nashville. He was great, great, great. And he was funny. Who knew? Funny always wins.
  • Got dressed up twice as “Sassy Space Girl”..once for our StageIt show and once for a Halloween party. I’ve decided I really like dressing up and I really like my outfits to have names. “Sassy Space Girl” will forever be remembered fondly and I think she made a real difference in the world.
  • Completely and utterly avoided some of the “real grown up stuff” that I should do now that I’m back home. All the stuff I can avoid cause I’m like oh, shoot…gone for another week or two…it’s the nagging things like getting my drivers license renewed, and making my teeth cleaning appointment…Blah, blah, blah…I just wanna sit on my couch, eat popcorn and see what Aria and the gang get up to in Liar land.
  • Started writing like 5 songs. None of them are probably any good but the creative juices have been on overload. Lots of melodies and lyrics running through my head. Been trying to jot them all down. Even started writing one on my guitar the other day…peaceful.
  • Listened to Taylor Swift’s new record quite a bit. Here’s the dealio…it’s a great record. She tried new things. Went outside of her comfortable box. And dang it, she writes. Like, she WRITES. “All Too Well” and “The Last Time” are probably my favorites but man, I really like the whole album.
  • Drank a ton of water. I’ve realized something about myself. I drink WAY more water if I have a cup with a straw. Weird right? Totally weird. Anywho…at home I have this cute little tumblr cup that I keep filled with ice water and just chug water all the live long day. I tried to outsmart myself and bring one with me on tour and I left it at a restaurant a few weeks in. Womp womp womp. So, I’m back home and bought myself a new one (it’s super cute and was only $4.99 at TJMaxx thank you very much).
  • Played with a 2 year old a lot. Our friends had their second child so we were on babysitting duty for their two year old while they were in the hospital and it was pretty much a blast. Little kids laugh at the silliest things and that in and of itself is a life lesson. Laugh more. Be serious later.

So yeah…that’s a little run down about what’s been going on in my head, life….you could pretty much sum it up that I love being home. Woohoo!

So…how have you been?