We’re moving….


But NOT very far.

We have basically been double-blogging here at jillandkate.wordpress.com & at jillandkate.com for the past few months….we say pretty much the same things in both places but have decided to do ALL of our blogging at jillandkate.com 🙂 So, get your virtual bookmarks out, subscribe to our new blog & make the switch with us…we promise it’ll be painless. We’ll still be just as weird and crazy over there.

We just posted a blog over there and would love your comments…this is how the blog starts:

So, this started as a tweet and there was no way to widdle down the words enough to say what we needed to say.
We were thinking about how FREAKING-UNBELIEVABLY excited we were to be playing our very first international jillandkate shows and it made our heads spin for a second. Some of the people that are coming to the shows on Monday & Tuesday have been fans for six plus years and have never seen us play live. That’s insane. We cannot say enough how much your long-distance support has meant to us and we are so happy that we finally get to come to your neck of the woods and play our songs for you guys………

…To read the rest of the blog please click here.

(Don’t worry. All of these blogs will stay right here & be archived for all the ages. Bahaha. All the ages? What does that even mean? Not sure.) Much love and sugar buzzes. -jillandkate-

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One Response to “We’re moving….”

  1. Selena Says:

    I’ve noticed the double-blogging, but as I’d gotten used to the WordPress, I’d just been posting my comments here, but don’t worry, jillandkate.com has been bookmarked for future visits, so I’ll be making the move, too.

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