Bucket List

So, the other day we got to cross something off each of our bucket lists:  A HELICOPTER RIDE!

It was a little scary cause you are just up in the air…you know…two little blades holding you up in the sky…kind of wished we’d taken a Xanax prior to flight…but…we got over it…and it was awesome.

The water & waves were beautiful.

With our headphones on we wanted to say things like “10-4. And “Over & Out.” But instead we took pictures and gazed at the lush beauty below.

Waterfalls everywhere!

They made us wear those awesome blue booties…trying to preserve the earth or something.

Alright….more pictures to come from our Hawaiian adventure soon.

Cross stuff off of your list people–you never know when you’re gonna kick the bucket 😉



18 Responses to “Bucket List”

  1. Mary B Says:


  2. Selena Says:

    Oddly enough, I think I’ve actually wondered about your respective bucket lists before! At any rate, I’m glad you got to check off another item. Sounds like the experience turned out quite well in the end. I hope y’all had fun on the whole Hawaiian vacation! 🙂

  3. Stephanie Says:

    Looks beautiful! I would say a heli is safer than one of those tiny planes, no thanks!! 🙂 u ladies should do a blog about he bucket list, everything on it

  4. nettey Says:

    awwww…beautiful napali! i loooove these pics…makes me miss being on Kauai. looks like you ladies had a good time. i love the blue booties…thank you for protecting the island. 🙂

  5. Jaclyn Says:

    I got butterflies in my stomach just looking at that helicopter…I don’t know if I could ride in one of those, I get super nervous with regular commercial-sized planes haha.

    I want to go to Hawaii. I’ve never even seen mountains, let alone volcanoes (well, I’ve driven through the Appalachians, but lets be honest, those are more like really impressive hills). Plus, I mean, it’s Hawaii, who wouldn’t want to go there?

  6. Elena Says:

    Gorgeous Pictures. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Nina Says:

    pretty cool! beautiful landscape.
    u guys get around am i’m so jealous :))) but happy for you. can’t wait for more pictures
    btw cool shoes better wear embc we dont want JillandKate be responsible for destroying the earth ahaha


  8. Erin Says:

    So pretty! I think I’m going to get to go to the Caribbean this summer with my aunt and her family! I’m very excited because I’ve never been to an island!

  9. mytwobrowneggs Says:


  10. elentari86 Says:

    Those are some beautiful views! Glad you had fun in Hawaii and look forward to hearing more about it!

    Helicopter rides are on my bucket list too, along with a bunch of other stuff – I imagine you’ve already ticked off most of my travel ones!

    My list is here: http://jumbledcontentsofmyhead.wordpress.com/2011/01/02/my-bucket-list/

  11. Jennifer Says:

    I crossed this one off when I was 14. My grandparents passed away so with our inheritance my parents and I went to new York my dad surprised us with a helicopter ride and we got to go around the statue of liberty. It was amazing!
    Next thing you have to try is flying a plane! Seriously it’s the next step and it’s amazing too! Did that when I was 18 and since I’ve been it itching to do it again.

  12. Lauren M. Says:

    I went to Maui, Hawaii about 10 years ago with my dad and it was pretty awesome! On one of our agendas was a helicopter ride through Maui. I was a little nervous but I got to sit right next to the pilot, wear the headphones and listen to some cheesy music. I think it was a rainbow song…I forgot the name of it. lol We actually did fly through a rainbow, so it was fitting. It was also a little rainy, misty like, that was kinda scary. lol

    Thanks for sharing pics of your journey. I bet it was alot of fun!

  13. Shari Says:

    SO beautiful! I nrrd to find a money tree to help me cross off some of the things on my bucket list. First one being finding a money tree;)

    Cannot wait to see more pictures of your fun travels!

  14. Pam Says:

    Those views are amazing! Reminds me of Lost 🙂

  15. Erin Says:

    Awesome pics! A helicopter ride is definitely on my bucket list. 😀

  16. higzy646 Says:

    you were in Hawaii whilst i was yachting in the Caribbean!! You gotta love traveling, just need to win the lottery next.

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